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Den passenden File Hoster wählen
A file hoster is the popular way to store files online. Thanks to it, the data can be accessed from any location via a program or web browser.

Uploaded Premium

File hosters usually offer their services for free. However, most users are interested in more comfort and take advantage of the presented offers. More storage space and higher speeds for downloading and uploading enable effective use. Prices start at around five euros, but for a correspondingly limited time and increase according to the offer. Large files are made available on a website or forum.

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Different products – which model is applicable for you

Saving folders online can be done in many ways. The popular and extremely uncomplicated variant is file hosting. Data is stored and shared with other users. File Hosting, in English the file-hosting allows you to store the documents as you wish, so that you can access them at any time. The storage space is provided by the file host. Uploaded presents different versions, which are highly interesting depending on your needs. Uploaded is one of the oldest providers.

DesignationDurationPurchase price
Uploaded PremiumOne month9,99 Euro
Uploadad PremiumThree months24,99 Euro
Uploaded PremiumSix months39,99 Euro
Uploaded PremiumOne year69,99 Euro
Uploaded PremiumTwo years99,99 Euro

If you choose a Year Premium Account or Two Year Uploaded Premium Account, you will save between 40% and 60%. You can see the advantages of “Uploaded Premium” below:

  1. You can download immediately
  2. The special highspeed download is realized without speed limit
  • different download managers support you, for example Jdownloader
  • The Uploaded Premium Account is used without automatic renewal, so there are no typical subscription conditions
  • Perfect is the 10 GB free backup storage, which is also expandable
  • Uploaded Premium is guaranteed ad-free

What exactly does the free Jdownloader mean? This setup allows you to keep track of even the largest folders. The setup and linking are explained in detail.

What are premium points

At this point the bonus program is explained. By purchasing the special Uploaded Premium Account, you receive a certain number of premium points. If you receive advertisements from friends or acquaintances you will also be credited with points, up to a maximum of 1,000 points. If you have more than 10,000 points, you are allowed to extend your Uploaded Premium for one month free of charge. The calculation of the points is also interesting; perhaps this table is decisive for your purchase decision:

PriceDurationPoints credited
4,99 Euro48 hours500
9,99 Euro1 month1.000
24,99 Euro3 months2.000
39,99 Euro6 months 6.000
69,99 Euro12 months 7.000
99,99 Euro24 months 9.000

The payment is uncomplicated to realize. The established payment services are quite reputable:

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin, Visa Card, Master Card, Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank transfers, Web Money
Was genau bedeutet File Hosting
File hosting is therefore the best way to store data outside the computer and then allow external access.

The speed is decisive

An important factor is speed. Considerable differences between free use and affordable use will convince you that you are investing your money well. The recommended Uploaded Premium Account is extremely flexible; the annoying restriction that only one folder can be uploaded per hour is no longer an issue for you. In addition, the download speed increases considerably, instead of the previous 50 KB/s, 12 +MB/s are now possible, compatible with the requirement of a 100 Mbit connection. In other words, the download is 250 times faster than free use. The table below explains the differences between free use and setting up the corresponding Uploaded Premium Account. Your booked data volume of the provider naturally influences the general speed:

Your home volumeSpeed Uploaded PremiumSo much faster than free use
100 MbitMax. 12,5 MB/s230 times
50 MbitMax. 6,2 MB/s125 times
32 MbitMax. 4,0 MB/s80 times
16 MbitMax. 2,0 MB/s40 times
6 MbitMax. 0,7 MB/s15 times
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The most popular Uploaded Premium Account is currently the six-month version, which includes uDrive and Premium Support. The free account may be attractive at first. But if you look at the advantages, you will prefer the special Premium Account. The free account offers:

  • Download once per hour
  • as a result there are no simultaneous downloads
  • the speed is basically limited
  • for each download the annoying captcha input is necessary
  • Download managers cannot be activated

Take a look at the Premium Account advantages

  • Highspeed download is part of the performance standard as a result there are no simultaneous downloads
  • Monthly 1000 GB download traffic is feasible, the hybrid traffic is quite a remarkable plus for each download the annoying captcha input is necessary
  • Simultaneous downloads can be initiated
  • after six months you can use the excellent uDrive
  • the captcha input is of course not required
  • Premium customers take advantage of first-class service support
  • attractive premium points are worth mentioning

UDrive what is it, you may ask now, uDrive is a download software that is explicitly offered by Uploaded net. The software ensures speed, even if several operations are performed simultaneously. The Jdownloader also allows even more speed, the data is also clearly displayed.

The storage space is unlimited

Inactive documents are automatically deleted after 30 days. The backup storage guarantees that no data will be deleted from this area until the Premium Account expires. <strong>This plus point is considered in every test report</strong>

Wie funktioniert der File-Hosting-Service?
Which functions are available to users for file hosting is different for each provider. Everything depends on the needs of the user.

Uploaded Premium Accounts testing

A test on the Internet calls Uploaded net an industry leader The reasons for this rating are the parallel downloads, no waiting time and the unlimited storage time of the documents. The folder management is done in the file manager. For this activity you have to click on “Files” in the upper menu and then on “Folders”. In the appearing main directory new folders can be created and existing folders can be edited. The administration is realized at this point. Uploaded net also scores with the most flexible runtime offers. Fast uploads or downloads with maximum speed are further plus points that are particularly well rated in the test procedure. The customer-friendly user interface was also praised. The website is activated with one click, as are many other activities. There are no complicated functions with many clicks with Uploaded net. The test winner of the file hosting providers 2019 is Uploaded net. Several possibilities led to plus points in the last test. The user chooses between the alternatives of free Free Account and different Uploaded Premium Accounts. Who absolutely does not want to deal with advertising deposits is extremely satisfied with the Premium Account. You have access to your favorite movies at any time, as well as to your favorite songs. File sharing can be done fast and secure. The crowning glory is the high speed, which is at your disposal when booking the Premium Account. The premium features are definitely worth seeing:

  • The remote upload function can be performed at up to 100 MB per second
  • Unlimited storage of loaded documents
  • innovative folder manager
  • You can easily download the documents to your smartphone
  • use the partner program
  • the bonus system is extremely interesting

With Uploaded net you can easily and simply transport documents to different file hosting servers. You save time and are also able to realize different sources for downloading just one file via even one premium link.

Comparison portals

The presented offers of some providers are checked by the German users. Uploaded net with the special accounts is currently example of the market leaders among the diverse filehosters. You ask yourself why? The customers are guided by certain criteria before they publish their rating points. The downloads are exceptionally fast. The customer support is praised in the highest tones. The mentioned premium points are also a highlight for the users, as is the use of the download managers and uDrive. When choosing a hoster, there are some considerations to be made. The maximum document size per upload is important. The premium download volume is also relevant, in conjunction with the speed. Uploaded net passes these comparisons, presents excellent results and is example of the TOP filehosters. What type of filehoster are you? The power user is in good hands with Uploaded net, as is the annoyed user. No captcha hinders the download.

Nutzen Sie die Vorteile eines File Hosters, Ihre Dateien sind auf dem Server jederzeit griffbereit. Nutzen Sie den Uploadservice!

Is the safety guaranteed

This question is raised by most users. Established testers confirm that security is usually 100% guaranteed. The IP addresses are only stored for a short time and are deleted after a certain period of time. Filehosters, and this expressly includes Uploaded net, do not release IP addresses as a matter of principle. They are also not forced to do so, a legal obligation does not exist. Uploaded net scores with its solid technology.

Comments on some factors

Downloading with Full Speed and the Uploaded Premium Account makes sense. Thanks to the proverbial speed, you can expect little waiting time here, depending on the connection data volume at home. Uploaded net scores points for the problem-free provision of even large files. The restrictions are set very generously. 1 TB per month is an extensive download volume. If you need support, this is possible by e-mail, by form on the website or by phone. The team is fluent in German, English, Turkish, Spanish and French. Plus points mentioned in each review are the ease of use and the speed of data processing, the reviews are therefore positive. Uploaded net is considered a favourite for extremely fast file exchange.

The special Uploaded net app

The newly developed app for Android enables access from the smartphone. Whether you use the service for free or have a paid account is irrelevant. Whether pictures, videos or music, you can access all files at any time.

General to the area File Hoster

File Hoster also known as One-Click-Hoster replace the traditional file sharing systems. They save and exchange data, offer them for download or share the data. However, some users have concerns, as there is a certain risk. It is generally known that data cannot be handled in a relaxed and easy way. To reassure users, file hosters are not illegal. Anyone can load their own data at will. Data that has no copyright protection can be handled just as easily. Uploading brand-new films could have consequences under certain circumstances. Uploaded net is example of the Rapidshare alternatives after Rapidshare is no longer active. Exchanging data on the Internet was anything but easy in the past. Sending a music file or a large video was associated with considerable difficulties. File hosters have simplified these activities. The platform provided allows different data to be exchanged, even larger ones.


The File Hoster is not much different from the well-known Web Hoster. Both providers provide storage space on the servers of the service providers. However, instead of creating a website, which is typical for web hosting, the file hoster acts as an intermediate connection to store individual data. Instead of websites, data is uploaded. Uploaded net is sample of the leading file hosters and not only known in Germany. The users prefer this provider because of its reliability, the above-average fast data exchange and the fair price-performance ratio. You don’t need any webspace, the data is stored automatically. File hosters are also accepted in the commercial sector. In every comparison, the established provider Uploaded net is present, and in fact in the top places of the rankings. The use of a file hoster is generally recommended.

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